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ZyWin®: Base Package Overview
Overview of some of the programs included with the base package such as data entry, electronic patient charts, electronic data interchange, managed care control, code management, recalls and reports.

Claim Management Techniques
Account Receivable management centers around good claim management techniques. Claim management and accounting functions are included in the ZyWin® Base Package.

Managed Care Control
Eliminate manual tracking of referrals. Enter encounter information with ease. Managed care control is included in the ZyWin® Base Package.

A major part of a software system's strength is the reporting functions. Report generating capabilities are included in the ZyWin® Base Package.

Electronic Data Interchange
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) modules offer the ability to transmit claims electronically, perform direct inquires, connect to hospital databases,and transfer/retrieve data for communications and updating. EDI is the future of healthcare and is included in the ZyWin® Base Package.

Automated Posting System
The dream of office personnel and Providers alike, the Automated Posting module is offered as an option to the ZyWin® Base Package. With this software, a 10 page EOB can post accurately in a few seconds!

Appointment Calendar
Fast, flexible and efficient, the electronic Appointment Calendar (optional) integrates into the ZyWin® Base Package.

Auditron Corporate Profile
The history and operating philosophies of Auditron, committed and dedicated to the ongoing development and support of an outstanding software product.

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