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Incorporated in 1978, Auditron Electronics Corporation has dedicated itself to the development of Practice Management Software since 1984. Our original product, the ZyMed Practice Management System, was recently replaced with our new ZyWin® software. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, ZyWin® is efficient, adaptable, stable, cost-effective software.

The company is very stable with no outstanding debt. Our structure, management and approach to the ever-changing medical business reinforce our financial stability.

This strong foundation enables us to keep up with industry trends better than any of our competitors. Our clients do not wait to comply with CMS and HIPAA changes. 

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Our Staff

Our training, support and programming staff have experience in the medical and insurance fields. Backgrounds include medical billing, medical office management, practice management and insurance carrier claim processing. 

Dedicated staff keep abreast of the industry. They continually attend seminars and workshops sponsored by Medicare, Blue Shield and medical consulting firms. Knowledge obtained is passed onto our clients and reflected in the software.

Everyone participates in the research and development of our products. The varied backgrounds combine to create truly innovative and productive modules. Just one more reason why ZyWin® integrates so well into the medical office.


ZyMed was originally developed in conjunction with a single physician, single user practice. Processing claims with ZyMed since 1985, they have prospered significantly since its implementation. The practice was sold, added several physicians, a second floor, and 9 terminals, including remote access.

Initial marketing efforts began in late 1989, which resulted in the addition of several clients. The product went through extensive rewrites and improvements in 1990 and 1991. As always, recommendations and requests from clients were incorporated into the product. (see Philosophy)

On April 15, 1999 Auditron released Version 8.00. This was a major rewrite taking advantage of new programming techniques, adding many more system features and paving the way into the next millennium.

January 1, 2000 (Y2K) was a date we can happily state was ”business as usual” for Auditron. In keeping with the goal of continuing to provide our clients with the best service possible we were well prepared for the arrival of Y2K.

In May 2003, Auditron released ZyWin®. Like its predecessor, it is designed from the operator’s viewpoint- simple and efficient. Our products conform to office flow, and easily incorporate into the practice. Dramatic increases in the efficiency and productivity of the staff result in increased cash flow. And, of course, we're proud of the efficiency in our electronic medical billing.


ZyWin® is an “on-line”, “real-time” system. Insurance bills and receipts print immediately. Work is complete at the close of day. No batch saving. No batch processing. Our clients are up-to-date.

Electronic data interchange (EDI), especially medical claim processing, is very critical in today's medical office environment. Electronic Claim Submission (ECS) enables the practice to transmit claims to third party payors via modem. This results in rapid claim turnaround, increasing cash flow. Internet capability will probably be coming soon, but most are shying away due to security concerns. HIPAA compliant ANSI 837 format is used for all EDI Claim Submission.

The companion module to ECS is ZyWin APS, our automated posting product, is also HIPAA compliant in the ANSI 835 format. ZyWin® APS allows the User to post an entire Explanation of Benefits (EOB) directly to the patient accounts with a couple mouse clicks! Today, ZyWin processes ANSI 835 files at over 12,000 service lines per minute. Think of that the next time you are posting an EOB by hand!

As politicians push health care reform, Providers are being hit harder on the bottom line. ZyWin® can provide savings of the magnitude required to keep and/or make the practice profitable. Changes in the industry will make practice survival and profitability hinge on efficient claims processing and cash flow control. Products, like ZyWin® APS and referral tracking, provide the efficiency to prosper.


Clients come first.

Auditron’s number one priority is supporting our clients. Support for what they need, when they need it. Our company, like a practice, values and cares for our clients. And like your practice, referrals result from happy clients. That’s why programming and support will always take precedence over sales.

We encourage suggestions for product development and improvement. The best ideas have come from those on the “front line”. In this way, the User gets what they want and ZyWin® improves to be a better, more flexible product. 

Keep ahead of changes and regulations in the industry.

Constant changes in claim processing regulations have been Standard Operating Procedure for medicine. The future will be full of these changes. We will continue to provide these updates to our clients before they become law. 

The medical office software industry is going through the traditional growing pains. Recent Medicare changes caused some major companies to abandon their product and client base. Why? Poorly designed systems and inefficient customer support organizations are just two factors. Other companies were unprepared for the changes and their clients waited months for the updates required to properly submit claims.

Design software that takes advantage of latest technologies.

Incorporating ideas from users and support personnel, our programmers take advantage of the latest techniques and technologies available. ZyWin® screens are clear and coherent. Simple mnemonics, uniform function keys and flow-thru logic expedite staff training and duties. As the programs are very fast, Users do not wait for processing or screen changes. 


Training at the clients location, with their own equipment, immediately follows installation.

Scheduling accommodates the individual practice needs.

We have designed and implemented a state-of-the-art on-line customer support system. Our own client base claims our support is far superior to any competitive offering. They should know. Over 80% used at least one competitive product before converting to ZyWin®.

When our clients call, they speak to a live person. No message centers. No waiting hours, or even days, for a return call.


ZyWin® utilizes advanced hardware and operating systems to increase efficiency in the office. Recommended configurations incorporate cost effectiveness with flexibility for future growth. We strongly recommend laser printers produce a quiet office environment, professional output and no paper changes.  Windows 2000 Server with Terminal Server is recommended for multi-user installations requiring security, flexibility and Internet access and low maintenance.

For practices that have a local hardware supplier, Auditron will be happy to work with them to insure the system operates at peak efficiency.

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