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The ZyWin® Support and Update service is unparalleled in the industry. Imagine a world where you place a phone call and a support technician actually answers the phone and provides the answers you need.  No waiting.  No voice mail. No automated attendants. No kidding. Then imagine retrieving program updates 24/7 via the Internet – when you need them, when convenient for the office.

Included with the purchase of ZyWin is six months of unlimited telephone support and software updates. Fees are based on licenses purchased. The ZyWin Support and Update Agreement is renewable annually and costs are based upon the number of providers, users, and ZyWin modules purchased. S&U fees are guaranteed for the term of one year. Auditron does not require long-term contracts and fees are billed on a quarterly basis or discounted for annual prepayment.

Contact an Auditron sales representative for more information.


Telephone Support

Auditron is proud to offer exceptional ZyWin software support. Our support personnel have many years of experience in the medical industry, including office management and claim filing experience. Upon contacting support, Users are connected to a live support technician, not a message taker. ZyWin Software questions are handled immediately at the time of the call rather than hours (or days) later. Current ZyWin Users rave about the support they receive from Auditron especially since over 80% have come from competitive systems and appreciate good support.

Regular Business Hours:

Monday-Friday 8 AM to 5 PM EST. closed 12-1pm for lunch/meetings

closed major holidays

Emergency call-back service available at other times.


Other Support Methods

Sometimes it's easier to fax information, especially for questions dealing with reports, forms, etc.  Clients may send their faxes to: 610.458.2500.and just press send.

Of course there's email! Clients may send mail to: support@auditron.com


Through our website, software updates are retrieved with ease. This allows Auditron to update the software at any time, even with minor changes. The ZyWin user can obtain updates at any time on their schedule and the entire process typically takes only a few minutes! ZyWin software is constantly maintained and updated to keep abreast of a rapidly changing market. If there are urgent issues, Auditron will directly contact the office using an automated fax notification system. We know of no competitor that offers such a service.

Frequently included in ZyWin updates are enhancements to the programs as well as carrier/CMS requirement changes. Auditron is constantly working to enhance the program features and proudly delivers carrier/CMS requirement changes before the deadlines. ZyWin users never wait to comply with carrier changes.


 ZyNews is the newsletter for ZyWin Users published quarterly.  It contains information on industry news, tips and techniques in using the ZyWin software, product and other announcements. Also included is information regarding claim-filing tips.  We focus on helping our clients get paid for services they perform. 

Auditron also issues mailings for major changes in the software or claim filing requirements. Many offices rely on this service as they ignore all other mailings coming from insurance carriers. We DO NOT recommend this, but it is somewhat flattering!

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