ZyWin®: Base Package Overview

The primary reason for purchasing a practice management system is to control cash flow. For maximum impact: 1) increase the incoming revenue with accurate and fast claim filing and patient billing, and 2) decrease the expenses by making staff more efficient and productive and using fewer supplies, such as postage, envelopes etc. ZyWin®does both and more. ZyWin is much more than just a medical billing software package. It is a tool that works hard to maximize efficiency in your practice.

ZyWin®'s comprehensive base package includes patient database management, patient recalls, third party billing, accounts receivable management/tracking, referral tracking, capitated encounter tracking, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)  in HIPAA compliance with insurance companies, comprehensive reports program, on-line help, lookup and much, much more. The system also includes utilities for system configuration, code management and hardware setups.

Available options include the ZyWin® Appointment Calendar, the ZyWin® Automated Posting System (APS), and Electronic Submission and Retrieval of Referrals from such companies as Aetna/U.S. Healthcare, Cigna and others.

Major Features

Data Entry

80% of the usage of a medical office computer is for data entry. An important feature of ZyWin®'s design is fast, easy and accurate data entry and retrieval. That is why ZyWin® is written by and for medical practice personnel. 

ZyWin® has simple, concise, easy to read screens which focus on moving data in and out of the system quickly. Screens are designed with knowledge of medical office operations. ZyWin®'s design enables Users to be “on-line” after only two, half day training sessions. It is a system that people enjoy using.

 Data Security

User ID’s are used for tracking and protection. Levels are assigned to the Users to limit access to data, functions and programs. Practices have complete control over the security of their data and records.  Additionally, we highly recommend that hardware/operating system security system be put in place to protect data.

NOTE: Auditron does not require access to your records as part of the Licensing Agreement. 

Electronic Data Interchange

Included in the ZyWin® Base Package are numerous HIPAA compliant EDI tools, such as electronic claim submission to Medicare, Blue Shield carriers and Envoy Clearinghouse.

Using ZyWin® ECS (Electronic Claim Submission) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software, claims are submitted to carriers for accurate processing and faster payment with NO PER CLAIM CHARGE$! Other EDI products are used for inquiries, data transfer/retrieval, communication and updating. 

Managing Accounts

ZyWin® uses a cash basis accounting method. Charges, payments, and adjustments are posted to individual service lines. Account balances are tracked and reported based on service, posting, last payment and billing dates. Insurance submission history and patient billing are also tracked for each service line. 

One of ZyWin®'s strengths include the ability to generate professional quality patient bills, statements and receipts on-demand all without the use of preprinted forms. Automatic patient cycle billing can be done in minutes and offers complete flexibility in selecting billing cycles, adding individual messages, payment plans, due dates and finance charges. 

Another major ZyWin® feature for managing receivables is a wide range of accounts receivable reports, from financial analysis to account balance follow-up. 

Patient Data

Along with standard patient demographic and insurance information, ZyWin® includes a User defined screen. This is designed by the practice and can include items such as a patient's medical and family history, allergies, medications and notes. Patient billing, diagnosis and appointment data are maintained and automatically updated on a statistic screen. There is even a freeform memo screen for pages of notes. Using ZyWin®, the practice can maintain an electronic patient chart. 

Chart and Form Printing

Labor and time savings result from eliminating double work!! ZyWin® prints information directly to patient charts, files, medical histories, workmen's compensation reports, lab forms, etc. Various standard formats are available to integrate within the office. Custom formats are also available. 

Encounter forms (AKA “superbills”) are laser printed on plain paper and include a wealth of information from the patient file, including aged balances for patient and insurances as well as brief visit and diagnostic history. Most of the form is User definable allowing easy changes using a standard word processor! 

Code Management

Code entry is a snap with ZyWin®. ZyWin® uses pop-up lookup windows that contain codes and descriptions. New codes can be added “on the fly” during patient and service entry. 

Multiple fee tables are available for each CPT code, provider and location. ZyWin® also tracks approved and payment amounts for each CPT code, by provider and by location for each insurance carrier. Utility programs are included to manage all code databases. 


Patient, financial, managed care, insurance carrier profiles, productivity and accounting reports are all available. All ZyWin® Reports are highly flexible and can be tailored by the User to meet specific practice needs. 


A successful practice uses recalls to stimulate patient appointments and as patient reminders. They are also very helpful tools for practice marketing and financial management. ZyWin® recall codes can flag patients for clinical reasons or research protocols, collections and recall intervals. Recall tracking provides label printing, mail merge file creation and other valuable communication tools that enhance patient care and help market the practice. Recalls integrate with service entry and appointment scheduling, automatically tracking recall status (i.e. pending, appointment made,satisfied). 

HELP! and Look-Up

HELP! is available any time by pressing Fl. HELP! is context sensitive and provides an on-screen manual. When used in code fields, the LookUp function is activated, which offers point-and-shoot selection boxes. Searching for existing codes within the LookUp is done by simply typing in the search string (i.e. name, partial code, etc.)! 

Multi-User Capabilities

Any number of Users can add and update service, appointment and patient information simultaneously with the ZyWin® Multi-User system. PIN numbers are assigned to each User to further evaluate activity and for increased security.

System Configurations

Every practice is unique and has individual needs. That is why many of ZyWin®'s functions and parameters can be modified to suit each practice. 

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