ZyWin® Appointment Calendar

Group practices with multiple offices need a computerized appointment system, and solo practices benefit from reduced appointment scheduling delays and on-hold time, too. Yet offices, which have computerized appointment schedules, rarely use them. Why? Complexity, inflexibility and slowness compared to a manual system. ZyWin® is different.

ZyWin® Advantages

ü   Easy to learn and use

ü   Graphical User Interface with varying view parameters

ü   Post Operative Alert Status

ü   Alerts User of current referral status

ü   Integrates with patient recalls

ü   User defined time slots and coding for each provider

ü   Day, week, month at a glance for one, all or selected resources

ü   Flexible design

ü   Easy cancel/reschedule

ü   Intelligent time optimization,  fixed time slot, or combination of both is available.

ü   Memo capability (unlimited) on any time slot

ü   Move day-to-day, month-to-month and provider-to-provider with one click.

ü   User designed encounter forms print by batch or individually

ü   Telephony integration

ü   New patients entered directly from calendar

Major Features

User Defined

The ZyWin Appointment Calendar (ZAC) is capable of handling multiple physicians and offices with an easily designed and quickly accessed appointment schedule. Additionally, ZAC begins patient registration, tracks cancellations and no-shows, and creates encounter forms that include the patient’s treatment and diagnosis history and financial aging. Appointment may be specially designated for problem type, a new or established patient, and time requirements.

Access Any Time

Because is ZyWin ia a  multi document interface, ZAC can be accessed by anyone almost anytime. This eliminates menu hopping and losing your place. ZAC is only one mouse click away!, or it can be left open with auto-refreshing.

Patient Database Integration

The Calendar is integrated with the patient database. One click lookup function simplifies finding patient information. The patient’s information, such as phone number, is accessed, displayed and optionally updated from within ZAC. Information for new patients may be entered directly into the patient database when scheduling their first appointment. This simplifies updates of file data and becomes an integral part of the appointment process.

Pop-Up Alerts

Post Operative alerts inform the User of post-op date expiration for proper scheduling. The system also allows for alarms to be set for specific patient types. This feature is User definable and presents a message box when the patient’s file is accessed. One common use is to designate collection accounts, or if a patient has special needs the scheduler needs to be made aware of..

Referral Integration

When scheduling appointments for patients with managed care referrals, an information window automatically appears alerting the User as to the status of referrals stored on the system. No more having a patient show up and the referral is expired! The staff person can immediately inform the patient of the need for a new referral!

Free Form Memos

In a manual system, notes are written sideways or squeezed between lines. ZAC allows memos to be written in any time slot with or without a scheduled appointment. These work like electronic Post-it notes. A freeform memo area allows essentialy unlimited information to be entered. The daily appointment schedule report dynamically adjusts to print the entire memo.

Procedure Specific

Time slots (optionally) can be designated to be "fixed" or “procedure” specific using user-defined codes. For example, the User can flag 1PM and 4PM slots on Tuesdays and Fridays for New Patient Visits. Users can then search for this type of appointment when scheduling. Design is flexible to follow the desired flow of the office and maximize efficiency.

Open Slot Search

Users have the ability to select open appointment slots using a variety of parameters. These include: time required, provider, user-defined codes, date, time of day and day of the week. Once the search parameters are selected, the computer will display all available appointments meeting the criteria selected. The user highlights the preferred slot and the appointment is entered.

When entering an appointment for an existing patient, the program will display the number of previous appointments made, canceled and no-show counts. Any pop-up or recall notes attached to the patient also appear. The User is also alerted of any future appointments scheduled for this patient to ensure no duplication of effort.

Patient Appointment Search

After an appointment is made, patients may call to clarify the appointment time. Enter the patient number directly, or use the one key lookup function to find the patient record, then ZAC will display a list of the future date and time of the patient’s appointment(s) instantly. From this list, the User may cancel or reschedule and perform other operations if so desired.


To cancel or reschedule is a snap with a simple mouse click.

Encounter/Superbill Tracking

Encounter Forms (AKA Superbills) are printed for a selected day. (Individual (on demand) forms can also be printed.) These forms are uniquely numbered for tracking purposes. Following charge entry for the same day, the encounter tracking program is run. This enables management to find and flag no shows and find services that are missing - performed but not entered.


ZAC’s daily appointment schedule report prints all appointment times and types, patient name and number, insurance coverage and memos. For open slots, lines are printed to add entries during the day as they occur. Usage reports and counts are also available. "Pull lists" by chart number, alpha and many other options are available in several formats.

Voice Telephony

ZyWin integrates with PAM 2000 Voice Messaging software. Real voice messages are sent from files exported from the ZyWin Appointment Calendar. Once the calls are completed the system is made aware of the status and a report can be generated. Think of the valuable staff time that will be saved. It also greatly decreases no-shows as well as patients arriving at the wrong time.

The PAM 2000 system also integrate with our recall system. In this way, the voice messaging software can improve patient care, increase patient volume and is a powerful marketing tool.

If your practice verifies appointments, wants to grow or enhance patient care it is a MUST! If you’ve been wanting or realizing that you need to be calling your patients this is the perfect way to get started. Contact your ZyWin representative for details.


The ZyWin Appointment Calendar has the following capacities:

Providers: Limited only by License Agreement

Users: Limited by operating system and/or User License Agreement

Operating Systems: Windows 2000/NT/XP-Pro recommended).

Number of appointment slots on-line: 100,000,000 depending on disk space available

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